Susu Bilibi Press Release

Susu Bilibi formed in 1983 and has made its name since that time through innumerable live shows and a number of TV appearances primarily in Germany, but also in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The band, whose members are from the West African nations of Togo and Ghana, is one of Germany's "oldest" active Afro bands.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the band's live activities in 2008, Susu Bilibi have released their fifth album. "Best Of" is a remix of the best songs from the last years. Susu Bilibi plays modern African dance music, with traditional West African rhythms forming the basis of their songs. Various African percussion instruments such as Tam-Tams, Maracas, African bells and claves are combined with drums, bass, guitar and keyboards to create an explosive, rhythmic sound whose African roots are always evident. These band compositions feature multiple voices singing in the native Togo languages of Ewe and Ana as well as in English, and they profess love, peace and unity.

In their concerts, Susu Bilibi present rhythms from a variety of popular African styles such as Afro rock, reggae, highlife and makossa along with traditional West African music. The result is a diversified, rousing sound that inspires dancing and celebration.

This is Susu Bilibi's way of establishing the link to the African culture of seeing music not only as means of artistic expression, but also as a language in itself. The band members view their concerts as an invitation to dialog in which they directly call upon the audience to dance and participate.

If the last 30 years are anything to go by, then audiences are eager and willing to fulfill this request, with Susu Bilibi concerts usually ending in a relaxed party atmosphere.